Women's Health

It's true that women generally outlive men, but that's not to say that women don't have their fair share of health problems.

Though men and women share the top two causes of death in American adults (which are currently heart disease and cancer), our physiologics are very different. Reproductive health, blood sugar levels, weight, stress and brain health are generally the biggest health issues for women. Time is tight these days, and if you're not careful, overworking and inadequate meals eaten on the go can begin to take their toll on your body. As you age, you become prone to develop certain diseases, so the earlier you start protecting and maintaining your health, the better!

BioMed understands that no two women are alike, and your lifestyle, stress levels, hormones, medical history, symptoms, etc. are all factors that make you unique. Whether you're chasing after children or a career (or both!) you need to be sure that your body and your mind are operating at full capacity. And remember, even if you consider yourself a healthy eater, you still may not be getting all of the nutrition you need for optimal health. The prevalence of crash dieting and other unhealthy eating programs puts women in particular at risk for malnutrition.

Learn more about what you can do for your body, or take a look the products that we start with when putting together protocols for women: