Cardiovascular Health

In the average person's lifespan, the heart will beat almost 3 billion times and pump 77 million gallons of blood. Most people see the heart as the representative of the cardiovascular system, but did you know that this system is actually a network that runs throughout your entire body? Though the heart is at its center, heart health is only one aspect of keeping this system healthy.

Also known as the circulatory system, your cardiovascular system is responsible for the delivery of nutrients and oxygenated blood throughout your body, so it's crucial that everything is working properly. Your tissues need the nutrients and oxygen to thrive.

Poor eating habits and certain medications can actually deplete your body's stores of nutrients vital to your cardiovascular health, but even those who eat well may not get all of the nutrients needed. There are nutrients that your cardiovascular system requires that you may not be able to get from your diet alone, so the regular supplementation of certain nutrients like fish oil, coenzyme Q10, and niacin all help ensure that the cardiovascular system is working at its optimal level. Let's take a closer look at these supplements: