About Us

About Us

BioMed Wellness Center is a premium science based nutrition center, a subsidiary of BioMed Health Solutions.The company is led by a highly recognized professional team of Functional Medicine and Integrative Nutrition experts dedicated to providing science based therapies, education, and personalized counseling focused on achieving optimal health and providing collaborative support for previous and current care. 

Did you know that there is more of you on the inside than on the outside? Yet, how ironic is it to realize the average consumer has spent vast amounts of both time and money to test, try on, and search for the products that best enhance just their outer body?

Fortunately, today the medical and nutritional science community have come together in the realization that the ultimate products needed to truly enhance one’s vitality and maximize potential outcomes need to feed the unique inner body. The end result from formulating protocols, based on the specific needs of an individual’s body in relationship to its daily exposure to its environment proves to result in the total transformation of both. At BioMed, we understand that 75% of your body is replaced and reconstructed every year from the food and vitamins you eat. This is why we are here!

BioMed PhysiologicRx offers you the opportunity to purchase science based professional grade nutritional supplements at clinically proven levels.

 Supplements the BioMed way:

  • Supplement facts match product content
  • Contain no additives or artificial nutrients
  • Meet guidelines for absorption and bioavailability
  • Tested at several stages for purity, quality, and potency
  • Third-party certified production process