Men's Health

The gap is closing, but women still outlive men on average. Why is that?

Men are less likely to talk about health and nutrition, and also much less likely to seek medical attention when they need it. This means that conditions that could be resolved through early detection and treatment are allowed to progress without intervention, potentially developing into something more serious. Why risk your health when you already have the power to change it for the better?

Being informed is the first step. Men don't have the same health concerns that women do. Though men and women can of course experience many of the same diseases, body type (and thus treatment) varies widely. For example: on average, men require more calories per day than women, and depending on body mass and activity level, men can also require more protein. There are also certain cancers that appear only in men. But beyond the differences between men and women, BioMed believes that every man is an individual, and needs a health program set specifically for him, taking in to consideration, history, symptoms, lifestyle, and weight, time of life, etc.

The key to increased strength, vitality and happiness is within reach. Learn more about what you can do for your body, or take a look the products that we start with when putting together protocols for men: